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mormonsabbatical's podcast

Mar 7, 2019

All about the "tipping point" when it became more painful to stay than it was to leave. I can see each of the steps more clearly now, on this side, than I think I could see them at the time.


Here's the podcast I reference between Bill Reel and Jim Bennett (son of Utah Senator Bob Bennett):

Mar 5, 2019

I have rules for my Sabbatical this year. (I love rules and only feel comfortable if they're clearly laid out and acknowledged). You don't have to have the same rules as mine, but I offer tips on how to extricate yourself from callings and friendships, and how to move forward gently.

Feb 28, 2019

After a number of changes that are precisely what I wanted to see in Mormonism, and none of them make me want to go back. Why its too late for me. (Hint: no apologies, no admission that it was ever wrong before--insistence that all the changes happen at exactly the moment God wanted).

Feb 26, 2019

Here I open up a bit about my recent diagnosis of "high-functioning autism" and how that impacted both my experience of the divine within Mormonism and my decision to become an atheist and then decision to try to believe again.

Feb 22, 2019

My reasons for originally not believing in Mormonism anymore had nothing to do with looking into history, and little to do with LGBTQ+ issues. Or even feminism. They were mostly about all the little niggling problems with the exercise of authority within Mormonism and what I saw as abuse of power on various levels...