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mormonsabbatical's podcast

Jul 30, 2019

My take on the classic ex-Mormon leave-taking letter to family: don't do it. Or at least wait a year to do it.

Jul 23, 2019

Chapter one of my memoir, a work in progress, about who I was then and how I became the person I am now.

Jul 18, 2019

I LOVED this talk by Uchtdorf. At the time. I felt like I was being spoken to personally, and welcomed home to Mormonism. The way the phrase "doubt your doubts" has been used since, however, is problematic. As are some other things in the talk.

Jul 16, 2019

I tried to reconnect with my Mormon peeps, and ended up with a panic attack.

Jul 11, 2019

I admit it, this is mostly a rant about someone who told me that my story was a lot less interesting if I left Mormonism.